Welcome to Sustainability Sharing!

The global automotive industry is in the midst of a rapid and sweeping transition to electrify transportation and achieve zero carbon operations. To facilitate and accelerate this transition, we have worked together to create “Sustainability Sharing”.

Sustainability Sharing is a private, online forum for Alabama’s automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and affiliates, to share and learn from each other about best practices and innovative approaches in sustainability. Driven by demand from the industry, the platform aims to increase collaboration among the automotive industry to grow jobs, increase economic activity, and conserve natural resources in Alabama.

Each member of the forum will have full access to the platform and be able to:

  • See examples of energy, water, and waste saving projects and their performance.
  • Evaluate vendors used by other projects.
  • Contact and meet peers contact information.
  • Identify financial mechanisms to complete sustainability projects.


Sustainability is a stated commitment of every automotive manufacturer in Alabama and it increases profitability of each step in the manufacturing process. In order to grow and continue attracting new automotive companies to Alabama, it is imperative we lead the nation in our approaches in sustainability.

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